The First National HIPAA Summit: The Leading Forum on Healthcare Privacy, Confidentiality, Data Security and HIPAA Compliance
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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) puts extensive requirements on every area within healthcare. Indeed, regulations will govern the transmission, maintenance, security and privacy of electronic health information transmitted by health care providers, payors and others. While HIPAA legislation should ultimately lead to administrative simplification and significant cost savings, the implementation of HIPAA is anything but easy. It will require changes in the health information systems and procedures. To be successful, HIPAA must be integrated into the overall strategic initiatives of your organization. To do so, will require organizational time and commitment.

The Summit

The Sponsoring Organizations of the Summit are leaders in meeting the challenges and opportunities of HIPAA. Together, the Sponsors have developed The First National HIPAA Summit, the most comprehensive educational event on Healthcare Privacy, Confidentiality, Data Security and HIPAA Compliance. Learn from leading policymakers, who will share with you the latest breaking news on HIPAA. Examine winning strategies from leading hospitals, healthcare systems, health plans, and physician organizations. Take advantage of special events to network with your colleagues. The time to prepare for HIPAA is NOW. The place to prepare for HIPAA is the SUMMIT.


Who Should Attend:

The planning and implementation of HIPAA requires a joint effort of healthcare executives throughout your organization. Therefore, team attendance is encouraged. Specifically, the Summit will benefit healthcare leadership teams from hospitals, healthcare systems, health plans, IPAs, insurance companies, physician groups, government agencies, consulting firms and others including the following individuals:
Chief Executive Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Technology Officers
Chief Financial Officers
Compliance Officers
Health Law Attorneys
Medical Directors
Managed Care Professionals
Medical Group Managers
Data Managers
Ethics Officers
Health Insurance Executives
Government Agency Employees
Health Administration Faculty
Risk Managers
Quality Assurance Professionals
Registered Nurses
Long Term Care Professionals
Billing and Coding Professionals
Third Party Billing Professionals


HIPAA Summit Course Objectives:

At the end of the Summit, attendees should be able to:

  • Describe the basic terminology, provisions, and policies connected with the HIPAA regulation.
  • Articulate the current status of the HIPAA regulation.
  • Outline the steps needed to determine organizational readiness to incorporate HIPAA into the organization.
  • Describe what actions similar organizations are taking to address HIPAA.
Prerequisites: None
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